Five mental health podcasts we recommend

Five mental health podcasts we recommend

Our nation is facing devastating and difficult times, and it’s so important – now more than ever – to maintain your mental health. If you already struggle with anxiety, depression or other mental health challenges, these days of isolation, inequity and uncertainty can be extremely troubling. There are several podcasts that focus on the importance of mental health, and they may inspire and inform you. Below, we’ve listed five podcasts that offer tips on how to combat symptoms and triggers of mental health challenges. 

Millennial Mental Health Channel

Mental health is a hot topic for millennials, and this podcast addresses the impact it has on this generation. Hosted by a licensed psychiatrist and therapist, this podcast seeks to give listeners perspective on the world of mental health in bite-size chunks that make it easier to absorb and understand.

Cleaning Up the Mental Mess with Dr. Caroline Leaf

Looking for some quick and easy mental health tips to sprinkle into your busy life? Dr. Caroline Leaf, a cognitive neuroscientist and bestselling author, gives you tools to help take control of your emotional, physical and mental health. 

Therapy for Black Girls 

Clinical psychologist, Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, started this podcast to …