By: Jennifer Roberts

At South Bay, we will come to you. We have seen that behavioral health care works best when it is delivered in comfortable environments in order to promote progress and healing. This is simply one of the reasons, among many, that we strive to provide treatment to individuals in their natural settings.


By observing our consumers in their natural settings and most often their home environment, clinicians gain environmental insight very quickly to help guide treatment. This opportunity allows our clinicians to identify strengths, resources and challenges that may impact the overall wellness of our consumers.


When conducting sessions in individuals’ natural settings and/or homes, clinicians have the ability to incorporate familiar aspects of the consumer’s environment into their therapy using their natural surroundings to create sustainable therapeutic interventions that are specific to the consumer’s needs. Whether it is family pictures or their favorite basketball; these personal aspects allow consumers to benefit from an individualized therapeutic experience.


It can often be challenging for our consumers to get to an office for a therapy appointment. Community-based therapy is a great solution to the barriers which prevent consumers from accessing services. Our clinicians are able to meet consumers in homes, schools and community settings, as long as safety, privacy and confidentiality are maintained. Clinicians are not only able to meet clients where they are clinically, but also logistically!

South Bay is the pioneer of community-based services in New England. Our outreach program is unparalleled to any other behavioral health service in the area, which gives us the opportunity to physically reach those who need us most no matter their circumstances or where they are – including homes, schools, child care centers, hospitals and group homes.

If you think community-based therapy is right for you, we encourage you to contact South Bay Community Services. Our Mental Health, Substance Abuse Counseling Services, Early Childhood Services and Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative Services, offer community-based options tailored to the consumer’s needs. At South Bay, consumers can find the support and guidance they need the most.

For more information, contact us at 508-521-2200 or click here.