Drug or alcohol addiction is not a weakness – it’s an illness. Do you have a loved one who is suffering from addiction but doesn’t know how or where to get help? The first step is making the decision to intervene. Addiction is not something that goes away over time, and it cannot be ignored.

Don’t let the fear of your loved one’s anger stop you from intervening. In fact, oftentimes when people with an addiction recognize their loved ones will no longer ignore their addictive behavior, they opt to get the help they need.

South Bay’s clinicians can provide support for those suffering from addiction, their families and loved ones. Below, we walk you through how.

Before the intervention

Before making the intervention, it’s important to secure a spot for your loved one to receive treatment. Realize that you can’t just choose any treatment – you need to find the one that best fits your loved one’s needs. For example, does your loved one need inpatient treatment, or will outpatient treatment suffice? Our clinicians are able to assess one’s addiction and help make the right treatment decision for him or her.​

During the intervention

​While intervening, there’s a delicate balance between confronting the problem and sparing your loved one’s feelings. It’s important to present concrete facts while avoiding judgments and personal opinions. Make the conversation an atmosphere of support, but also emphasize the negative impact your loved one’s addiction is having on everyone involved.

After the intervention

You convinced your loved one to receive treatment, and that’s great! But, it doesn’t stop there. After-care planning should be an important component of any treatment program you choose. Your loved one should receive therapy after leaving the treatment program, allowing him or her to receive continuous care and support after returning to his or her normal life. We can provide the proper programs, certified staff members and clinicians post-treatment for the perfect combination of professional therapy and guidance.

It’s not easy to help someone with drug or alcohol addiction. But, keep in mind that there is a life after addiction, and your loved one can recover. Reach out before it’s too late.

You aren’t alone – our clinicians can support your loved one during the entire process. South Bay truly understands the importance of reliable support for substance abuse services and always ensures a dependable source of help from our devoted staff. If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction, please contact us at 508-521-2200.

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