Although 2020 has been a whirlwind of events and emotions, we remind ourselves that there were still several moments of joy, triumph and happiness. South Bay has had numerous uplifting experiences that made us grateful for the work we do and those we serve in our communities. To round out the year, we’ve gathered a few of our team’s top memories from 2020.  

From Saida A. 

My most notable moment from 2020 was when a client said, “I was so happy the whole week since my last session. I was eagerly awaiting the next appointment to hear your voice because I was already relieved of the woes from previous years.” I felt the importance and value of what we do. 

From Laura N.

I’ll never forget my program director’s endless efforts to ensure our Early Childhood team had Zoom after-hour gatherings. She introduced us to Houseparty, and we enjoyed some great trivia games. Even some family members joined in on the fun!

From Christina A.

One of my favorite team meetings from the past year was when I logged onto Zoom, and a few family service providers from South Bay joined the team meeting. Instead of showing themselves, they used puppets or dolls and displayed them in front of the camera. It was a great surprise for me. They spent the whole meeting talking through their characters. It just made everyone so happy and really speaks to the Lowell CBHI team’s commitment to supporting each other and maintaining positive morale – even during the pandemic!

From Brittany C.

There were so many great moments for our team members and clients this year. Although it was a quick transition, we transitioned to telehealth services smoothly and successfully. We added multiple members to our team this year, and they’ve done an amazing job so far – and they’re still with us! Through the help of multiple sites, we also found a Portugese-speaking clinician to help a client. And to top it off, our team had a few weddings and many babies! 

From Amy C.

Overall, I was impressed with our team’s adaptability. Each contribution led to major successes. Telehealth went much smoother than we could have imagined, and our clinicians saw that some families were even more engaged in a telehealth setting than in-person visits. Our team’s growth and flexibility throughout the telehealth process proved how committed they were to our clients’ needs. Seeing them persist, adjust and succeed made all the difference! 

From Lori L.

One particular story comes to mind when I think back on this year. A client’s daughter needed Early Intervention services. She was a stay-at-home mom who just moved to the area before the pandemic, and she didn’t know that many people. Through encouragement and empowerment from our clinicians, this mother was given all the tools necessary to watch her child go from hardly speaking to saying many words a day. Our clinicians provided the necessary strategies and tips to help this parent, and she saw many improvements. The mother said that she would always remind her daughter of the EI team and how much they helped her. Needless to say, not only did this session bring me to tears, it once again reminded me of the wonderful clinicians we have and why we do our job.

This year, we’ve encountered extremely difficult times. Our clinicians at South Bay are here to help you through the tough events life throws at you. If you or someone you know is struggling to cope with events from this year or are worried about what’s to come, our team of certified staff members and clinicians want to help. Through our counseling services, we can assist those experiencing hardships find positive solutions. For more information, contact us at 508-427-5362 or click here.