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Parents: How to have the drug talk

Parents: How to have the drug talk

Children are going to experience pressure at some point in their lives – pressure to achieve academically; pressure to fit in; pressure to establish their career path; etc. With the increasing demands put on teens today, along with enhanced exposure to drugs, alcohol and partying through social media, they are especially vulnerable to the dangers of abusing substances and developing addictive behavior.

It’s important to establish open communication between you and your child – not only to steer him or her away from risky behavior but to also separate fact from fiction when it comes to drugs and alcohol. Many parents are nervous to have ‘the drug talk,’ and that’s completely normal. Below are tips on how to get started.

It’s never too early to begin

Start developing an ongoing dialogue with your child during his or her preschool years – ages 3 to 5. We know what you’re thinking…preschool? That early? These early years are essential for development, and they’re the perfect time to start establishing a healthy mindset in your child. Look for everyday situations that can be used as teachable moments. For example, discuss how he or she feels when eating a healthy meal or gets enough …