Back to school: Should I be worried about my child?

Back to school: Should I be worried about my child?

This past year, families have navigated altered routines, lockdowns, lack of social activities and so much more – we’ve been in a constant state of flux. As children across the nation return to in-person learning, they’re likely going to experience social hurdles. For many, the behavioral patterns and routines that were taught to them pre-pandemic must be remodeled, retaught and relearned. 

After months of remote learning, students’ routines are now taking another 180º turn. This change may be upsetting and scary for children – and that’s OK. There are steps you can take to ease your child’s stress, fear and anxiety as they embark upon a new, unfamiliar school year.

Create a safe space for open communication. 

Above all else, your child needs to know that they are loved and heard. Ensure they know they can come to you with any concerns – no matter how large or small. By instilling this practice from a young age, your child learns how to appropriately recognize and express emotions in the moment. If your child has developed unusual behavior tendencies, take the time to break down the problem and find effective solutions and coping mechanisms. 

Remain consistent. 

All positive behaviors need continued practice …