It’s no secret the holiday season can be a difficult time for some. The holidays often present a dizzying array of demands – cooking meals, shopping, baking, cleaning and entertaining. In addition, living through a pandemic can bring about an added level of stress during this time of year.

But with some practical tips, you can work to minimize the stress that accompanies the holidays. You may even end up enjoying them more than you thought you would! We break down a few below.

Be wary of your budget

Before you do your gift and food shopping, decide how much money you can afford to spend. Then, stick to your budget by establishing set amounts for specific spending categories. Great alternatives to standard gift-giving are donating to a charity; making homemade gifts; or starting a family gift exchange. 

Don’t abandon healthy habits

The holidays are a very busy time, and it can be simple to abandon the healthy habits you’ve worked on all year due to the hustle and bustle caused by the holidays. Take at least a few minutes every day to partake in a healthy coping mechanism you’ve established for yourself. Remember that overindulgence – whether it’s eating, drinking, scrolling, etc. – can add to your stress.

Stay mindful of your feelings

Though the holidays are spent with loved ones, make sure you’re also taking time for yourself. Stay mindful of your feelings and acknowledge them. During a time where there’s so much demand, it’s completely fine to set boundaries. Learn to say no, so you don’t overwork and exhaust yourself. Don’t be afraid to be realistic about your holiday limits. 

Staying positive during the winter months can be difficult, but regularly talking with someone can help. If you’re looking for someone to talk to, our counseling services might be what you need this winter. MENTOR South Bay provides individualized services from clinicians to help you meet your personal goals. For more information, contact us at 508-427-5362.