Do you need a mindset shift?

Do you need a mindset shift?

A mindset shift can be a powerful tool. When you feel down and unmotivated, give yourself permission to feel those feelings but don’t allow them to overtake your thoughts entirely. Instead, shift your focus to healthy habits – then take action to incorporate those habits into your daily routine. Action and energy can be self-reinforcing and self-reinvigorating. 

Below, we offer a few steps you can take that may provide you with a sense of well-being and groundedness.

Press pause on the digital world

Press pause on social media and take a digital break if you feel excessive scrolling is playing a role in your unsettled feelings. In recent years, the world has shifted to increased emphasis on digital usage in both personal and work aspects of life. With more people spending time on social media, more content you may find upsetting is in the digital universe. While you may feel compelled to stay up to date, it’s OK to take a break!  

Practice mindfulness 

Practicing mindfulness means making a conscious effort to focus on what your senses, thoughts and emotions are telling you. Using this technique to reframe your mindset can help you approach daily challenges in a more purposeful …

How to build the right mental health routine for you

How to build the right mental health routine for you

Another year has come and gone, leaving many of us reflecting on what we would like for ourselves in 2022 and beyond – whether that’s physically, mentally, emotionally, professionally etc. If you’re looking to focus on improving your mental health, one way to begin that process is building a good routine with a solid foundation. 

Routines promote structure and organization. Certainty of a routine can help minimize the uncertainty of the world around you. While it may not seem like a big deal to stick to a routine daily, it can actually represent expectations and patterns that are important components of good mental health. In fact, routines can create a positive level of stress, helping us stay focused and avoid negative thoughts and feelings.

Below, we break down ways you can begin laying the foundation to establish a routine that works for your life. 

Start small

Creating a routine doesn’t have to be a massive overhaul to your current lifestyle. Start small by implementing simple adjustments to your current lifestyle. It could be going to sleep at the same time every day, setting aside 15 minutes to work out twice a week, picking up a few things in your room …

How to avoid pressures the holiday season brings

How to avoid pressures the holiday season brings

It’s no secret the holiday season can be a difficult time for some. The holidays often present a dizzying array of demands – cooking meals, shopping, baking, cleaning and entertaining. In addition, living through a pandemic can bring about an added level of stress during this time of year.

But with some practical tips, you can work to minimize the stress that accompanies the holidays. You may even end up enjoying them more than you thought you would! We break down a few below.

Be wary of your budget

Before you do your gift and food shopping, decide how much money you can afford to spend. Then, stick to your budget by establishing set amounts for specific spending categories. Great alternatives to standard gift-giving are donating to a charity; making homemade gifts; or starting a family gift exchange. 

Don’t abandon healthy habits

The holidays are a very busy time, and it can be simple to abandon the healthy habits you’ve worked on all year due to the hustle and bustle caused by the holidays. Take at least a few minutes every day to partake in a healthy coping mechanism you’ve established for yourself. Remember that overindulgence – whether it’s eating, …

Mentally stimulating gifts for children this holiday season

Mentally stimulating gifts for children this holiday season

Learning through play is a crucial aspect of a child’s development. During the early stages, children’s minds expand simply by looking at their environment and taking in their surroundings, making it crucial for them to play with objects that stimulate their minds in a variety of ways. 

If you’re looking for educational, fun and engaging gifts this holiday season that will add value to your child’s growth journey, look no further! The use of educational toys can help children learn many different skills they will need in their life, including problem solving, conflict resolution, sharing, creativity, etc. And believe it or not, some of the best options don’t require batteries! Below, we list a few. 

Books about emotions

Books centered around feelings and emotions children experience can be informative, while serving as a source of entertainment. Many of these books include activities for children to participate in when they feel sad, anxious, lonely, etc. The goal is to teach coping strategies and help children navigate complex emotions through healthy tactics.

Mindfulness journal

Encourage your child to turn blank pages into a vibrant masterpiece! Journal writing and drawing can help children process feelings, build writing skills and communicate their ideas. This …

Expert Q&A: Discussing the impact of ADD/ADHD on children

Expert Q&A: Discussing the impact of ADD/ADHD on children

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are neurodevelopmental disorders affecting children and adults around the world. In the U.S., it’s estimated that about 10% of children and 5% of adults have ADD and/or ADHD. In honor of National ADD/ADHD Awareness Month, we sat down with Matthew D., a Behavior Management Therapist at MENTOR South Bay, to break down important information about the two disorders.

Matthew D., Behavior Management Therapist at MENTOR South Bay

Is there a difference between ADD and ADHD?

There is a slight difference. Usually with ADHD, you have a combination of inattentive and hyperactive behaviors. Whereas with ADD, the child’s behavior is mostly inattentive in nature – you typically don’t see hyperactivity. Everyone deals with a wandering mind from time to time, but children with ADD deal with daydreaming and a wandering mind pretty frequently throughout the day. Both of them do need to be treated equally, and the interventions we implement at MENTOR South Bay can be effective for both. 

National ADD/ADHD Awareness Month is a time to talk about these disorders and debunk myths. What is the most common myth you’ve come across when it comes to ADD and ADHD?

From …