School counseling: Could your child benefit?

School counseling: Could your child benefit?

By: Michael B.

Summertime brings unlimited freedom for children: no homework, fewer responsibilities and more play time. However, after the summer months conclude, transitioning back into the daily routine of school and structure can be difficult. School counseling is one way to make that transition easier. Here’s how.

Identifying the Warning Signs

During major transitions, such as the start of a new school year, families should be on the lookout for signs children are struggling with the adjustment. For example, are changes in his or her sleeping habits arising? Is your child throwing tantrums and refusing to go to school? Or, is your child quieter than normal? There are multiple signs of poor transitioning, and if you’re unsure if your child’s behavior correlates with back-to-school stress, seek help from our clinicians. They can work with you and your child to help target the causes of the child’s discomfort.

Supporting the Whole Family

A child’s fluid schedule during the summer can often cause tension and stress once he or she must face the structure of academic accountability. In addition, that stress is often transferred to the child’s family, causing challenges in both the school and home setting. This vicious cycle of