Remaining thankful amid growing stressors in a year like 2020 can feel like you are swimming upstream – we understand. Among racial unrest, high unemployment, catastrophic weather, a stressful election season and a pandemic, tensions were high this year. Did you know that being mindful and showing gratitude in times of stress and disaster has scientifically proven to help your mental and physical health? We encourage you to choose gratitude this holiday season, as allowing yourself to have a grateful mind can positively impact your mental health and well-being. Here’s how to get started!

Remember the difficult times

Although this may seem counterintuitive, there’s a helpful thought process behind it. Think back to tough times in your life. Then, remember that you are still here. You’ve made it through stressful events, but here you stand – on the other side of it all. You’re stronger than you think.  

Reframe your situation

While it’s important to remember that we shouldn’t ignore or deny pain during difficult times, we can reframe the way we approach the way we view situations. A new, fresh perspective on various aspects of life can jolt us into a better mindset. You might not be in charge of a situation, but you can certainly dictate your own attitude, reaction and plan of action moving forward. Change a moment of hurt, confusion or frustration into a moment of opportunity.

Create a gratitude journal

As we live our busy lives day to day, it’s easy to overlook the small joys. Consider creating a gratitude journal, where you write down the things you’re especially appreciative for this year. Look back on this when stressors increase. Even through the tough experiences, there are still things to be thankful for this holiday season. 

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