Early Childhood Services

The first three years of a child’s life are a time of profound physical, intellectual, language, social and emotional development. South Bay’s Early Childhood Services program works with children and their families to ensure growth, stability and well-being during these early years. Our approach is to help families identify their own strengths so they are empowered to foster their children’s growth and development.

It is important to understand the benefits of structured play and education. In the first three years of life, children begin to develop their personalities, social ties and meet some of their most important physiological milestones. Children flourish when surrounded by supportive, interactive programs that focus on their mental and physical development. For this reason, our programs were designed to give your children what they need to grow and develop at the best pace.

Our programs work collaboratively with the many individuals and community partners that care for, nurture and educate our children, including parents, foster parents, health and social service providers, educators, and child care providers. This individualized care ensures that children have the best possible beginning.

Consistent, positive interactions with adults and other children their age allow a child to develop a more relevant perception of the world around them. The dedicated work of the many individuals and community partners in the community has produced real, quantitative and qualitative results that can be seen in the success of children who participated.

Early Intervention/Birth to Three Services

Our Early Intervention/Birth to Three teams work – with children who are experiencing a developmental delay or who are at risk for delay because of family or environmental challenges. Our CT Birth to Three team provides diagnostic evaluations and works specifically with children who have an autism spectrum disorder. Our teams’ goal is to enhance the family’s capacity to meet their child’s unique needs. Services are available in homes, community settings or at South Bay Early Childhood sites. Depending on a child’s needs, our Early Intervention/Birth to Three services may include developmental evaluations, parent and/or child groups, parent support and education, home visits, speech, physical and occupational therapy. It is through these services that we offer the means to help you and your child discover new ways to communicate, learn and improve your overall quality of life.