For some, the thought of attending a counseling session isn’t easy. In fact, it can feel terrifying. It’s because there’s a stigma placed on mental health – a common misconception that seeing a clinician means there’s something “wrong” with you. We disagree. Asking for help indicates you are taking control of your life and of your mental health. While this can be scary, the things that often scare us are great opportunities for us to step up and grow. You may find that facing your fears will prove to be empowering, rather than petrifying.

Need a little more reassurance? Below, a few South Bay clients share how counseling sessions with our clinicians have impacted their lives.


“I have been attending South Bay for four months. South Bay has helped me regain my morals and values again. It has helped me to build upon my spiritual, physical and mental health. I was at a point where I was lacking in my life, and I needed South Bay. They were right there when I called. Just be open and honest with yourself while you’re here. Work on the issues you need to work on. Allow yourself the opportunity for the staff members to work with you. They have great staff members here, and they have a lot of experience. I would tell anyone to be open and receptive for a change.” – Morse  


“My son has come to South Bay’s Early Intervention program for about a year. He had a speech delay, and now he’s made so much progress with talking because of the services he’s received from South Bay. His attention span has improved. All the clinicians are great. Whether they’re coming to my house or we’re coming here, they’re amazing. They help him succeed and move forward, and they build relationships with you. I would recommend any parent brings their child here.” – Nicole


“I’ve been coming to South Bay for about a year. It helps me maintain my structure, and I learn ways to cope with problems that I have in my life. The clinicians are very down to earth. That makes it easy to open up – you see that they have compassion. My biggest advice is to just get past the first day.” – Matthew


If you’re ready to begin your journey to recovery, we encourage you to contact us today. South Bay Community Services strives to provide the proper programs, certified staff members and clinicians for the perfect combination of professional therapy and guidance. At South Bay, you will find the support and guidance you need.

For more information, contact us at 508-521-2200 or click here.